Feb 13, 2009

Simple Facts ...

Today on my way to work I saw on the train the following: “In case of emergency is better to stay on the train.” Lets say there is a fire, or worse, a Al Qaeda bomb on the train. Maybe people are bound to be on the train and become a nice barbecue. I mean, come on? There may be situations where is better to stay on, but always?

The this other day I asked for a coffee, and on the cup was written: “Careful, may be hot”. Oh really?

Maybe people should put on the water bottles something like: “Careful, if you drink your thirst may be killed.”

Have you guys ever heard of a simple thing called common sense(sense de common)? Everyone knows the coffee is hot, and everyone knows that facing danger they will run as far as they can get.

"He who does not have common sense at age thirty will never have it"

It's snowing in Paris

Can't believe it's actually snowing in Paris. It started at 6.30 this evening with a kind of hailstones which settle on the ground like snow, then it rained but later tonight the real snow started. It's so thick on the ground some folks braving the cold are having snow ball fights outside.

It really is nice with everything so white, and the little snow falling from the sky.

It seems that during the night more will come, with up to 15cm of snow on some areas of Paris(especially Alcatel-Villarceaux). Maybe in the morning I’ll be able to make a snowman :D ,

I love Federer Bcozzzz...

Put on the cream blazer and the gold RF-embossed shoes and join me in saluting the greatest tennis player in the world.

Here are five of the many things I love about the Great Man.

1. The single-handed backhand (c)
No man since Pat Cash and Mohammed Azharuddin has packed so much artistry into a wristy cross-court flick, and this one is neither a moron nor a match-fixer.

2. The rippling forehand
Cross-court, down-the line, from the deuce court or on the off, Federer can hit his forehand anywhere, anytime. And find the line. I was going to exclude the French Open, but Federer is arguably in the Top 10 clay court players of all time. Only problem is, he’s lost to the best ever 4 times in a row.

3. The easy movement
Federer does not look particularly quick, particularly tall, or even especially athletic. He actually looks like a fairly normal bloke. He isn’t.

4. The eyes on the ball
The simplest principle of every ball sport (and boring meetings worldwide) is “keep your eyes on the ball.” Easy to say, hard to do. Yet in photos Federer is usually staring at the ball like Mick Dundee at a water buffalo.

5. The charming arrogance
At his best, Federer is delightfully candid about his brilliance. When it’s suggested his play was absolutely amazing he often says, in effect, “you’re right.” Then there are the shoes …

At last Dont worry abt the 08 09 records bcoz

"Winning isn't everything ,but the will to win is everything"