Feb 24, 2010

Outstripped Expectations ...

During the early years, I used to think : Damn, if i get 20000 bucks per month as salary , id be the happiest guy in the world. Life wont be a problem anymore..ill have money to take my friends out, heck..ill even think of buying a car...and buying a new house:)

Well, i have all that now and more.. but damn, why the hell am i not happy? Work for everyone is great. Im working for a Fortune 50 company and i can see the pride in my dad's eyes...but i aint happy..rather , i aint satisfied.. someday i think i might leave it all and move on to new quarters...

Just got an offer from a consultant to work for Nokia in Finland ..do i now go to the Finland this year?? Well, i dont know..last time i visited the Finland (that was in 2008), i liked the place ..but then , that was Helsinki and thats in the mountains ... wonderful place....But its always great working in Hyderabad though i had a very bad time staying in kith's place almost inside the circle of dependency and gratitude . I now think i will try and look at the positives :) I guess the picture of life is how you pain it : it can be as good or as bad as you want it to be :)

Decisions decisions decisions....

Well, im taking one now ..here stop the typing :)

Feb 2, 2010

Vyshnavi - Victim of Inhumanity ..

  Today i was disturbed by the news that a nine year old girl named Naga Vyshnavi was brutally murdered in vijayawada by two people ,which resulted in the sudden demise of her father. In fact i am shocked to know that its done by one of her kith and kin because of a domestic dispute (of course i never had a good impression on relatives) .Vijayawada once an oasis of serenity, is now in news for wrong reasons.

   Till now i thought that i am in a society where justice can be bought for a price. But now i got to know that this society also lend a hand to kill humanity for a better price . What a shame on us ,to be a part of this ruthless society

  What kind of a barbarian or a hooligan would kill a nine year old girl and dump her in a boiler .Forgive us Vyshnavi for being dumb ,may ur soul rest in peace.