Mar 6, 2010



Well to start off, I'd like to type up my thoughts on an old friend of mine. To keep her identity safe, I'll call her Tanya. So Tanya and me go way back... when i say 'way back', I mean when I was in my 9th class(St Mary's Tadapalligudem). At the time, she was definitely my best friend. I vaguely remember several hours of meaningless chatter but I probably didnt think it was meaningless at the time. We always hung around at school, sitting near each other . I was pretty good at math and apparently she used to take my books all the time to copy my work. I don't really remember that but that's what my friend claims now. I came to have what we call nowadays as a 'crush' on her. But I never really had any courage to tell her, firstly being young and shy and secondly I was dimly aware that it might cause trouble to our friendship.

Then it all ended.  When I changed my School to Brilliants after that academic year (10th class), I remember asking other friends about her and worried abt her maths marks J. I don't remember being depressed at her leaving but I was sad for a while that she didn't even called me.

At that time, the internet wasnt as widely available as it is today. But recently, I was able to track my common friend sanath through a very large social networking site. So I asked Sanath about her, I was very hesitant as to how to start a conversation abt her. But at last I asked about her. I was shocked to know that she was married and blessed with two kids, Why am I struggling to be successful with out that lucky lady in my life ?

Alrite, enuff of the senti, emotional stuff.

“One of the hardest things in life is watching the person you love, love someone else.”