Apr 17, 2010

IPL - Glorified Gambling...

Dear Mr. Modi,

I think I will go for an entirely original approach to this topic. You see, if you were on Twitter, you would've noticed, that there are two kinds of people when it comes to IPL. 

1. Those who are Cricket fanatics and ALWAYS talk about the IPL. Sometimes too much  . Including those who watch it on YouTube at a 5 minute delay like my friend and hate the rest of the tweets at home for spoiling the suspense; and,

2. Those who hate everything about IPL and thinks that basically, you're just a dick out to rip off everybody and make a lot of money, and screw over every Indian in the process. These are the people who sign into Twitter only after games get over, or have successfully made use of filters so that they don't see anything with the tag #IPL.

Now, I don't belong to either category. See, I like watching cricket. I like it when Yusuf Pathan blasts a 37 ball 100, or Warne flights the ball and makes an idiot out of the batsman.

But, I should tell you, the IPL sucks for me too at times.  I will tell you the reasons why:

1. Why the heck does it last so long?

2. I like using the terms 'Catches', 'Sixes', and 'Awesome'. Your puppet doll commentators, for some reason insist on using 'Karbon Kamaal Catch', 'DLF Maximum' and 'Citi Moment of Success' instead of their better substitutes. The retards!

3. How do you guys manage to squeeze in an ad while the spinner takes his run-up?

As conclusion, I'd also like to politely request you to take a look at the English Premier League. It's obviously bigger than the IPL in terms of viewership. But there are no Barclay's Super Goals or a Nike Super Duper Tackle in the EPL now is there?

See Mr. Modi, I know you like money. I do too. But we all gotta draw the line somewhere, don't we?? whats ur comment Mr Tharoor :)

Planning to buy an electric car by French Govt

French Govt have announced that , The Branded new 50k electrical automobile-vehicles are going to be launched in PARIS . Environment Minister Jean-Louis Borloo have confirmed this source to the press meet on Tuesday.

A tender to accommodate the cars to a accumulation of 20 at atomic partly state-owned companies is to be able in the upcoming future. These companies consists Air France, activity supplier EDF, and the state-owned abuse arrangement.

In addition, Paris will offer a benefit of 5,000 euros ($6,800) to all private individuals who going to buy an electric auto by the year 2012.

Borloo additionally said that 12 French cities and urban centers accept committed themselves to establishing a arrangement of recharging stations. Motorway blow stops and bazaar esplanade places will be answerable to accommodate accessories to recharge electric-car batteries

Apr 13, 2010


I don’t believe leadership is about your accomplishments or credentials.  It’s about your presence.  It’s what’s inside that makes you stand out.  Leadership is often defined by how others view you.
It’s not easy to be an effective leader.  You know you have experience and knowledge – others see it as arrogance.  You think you are contributing in a real and meaningful way – others see it as butting in.  You think you are enabling others – others see you as ignoring them.  You just can’t win.
Leadership does not need to be complex or complicated to be effective.  In fact, when you keep your leadership practices simple, you are more apt to practice them on a daily basis.  You can effectively LEAD with four strategies:  Listen, Encourage, Act, and Delegate..

Apr 3, 2010

Missing U Grandpaa...

My grandpa passed away this morning, I got a call from my dad informing his demise.

I am sad .. Even writing about this right now is making me cry.. When I was young I was pretty close to him but when I moved to Paris we had less communication bcoz they don't have access to internet. Last time I visited my grandpa was 2 years ago, and that was the time where he could hardly move .. but he was still strong. Months ago, I talked to him online like .. skype by webcam. He saw me n he was so happy. .. It imbibes me because I really wanted to see him or talk to him, but i can't....
Miss U grandpaa .. may ur soul rest in peace.