Jun 20, 2010

Apple Product vs Apple Stock

What if, instead, of buying an iPad, the latest iPhone, or other Apple gadgets, you used that same money to buy two, three shares of Apple stock? Question posted in Alltop .

Here is my view ..

I`m a loyal mac user from 2008. Taking kelly's view into concern  If you had bought an Apple Power Book G3 250, it was originally priced at $4300. And today in stock value, that would actually be $190,000.
Yes... $190,000. And that original iPod that Kelly just had to have in 2001, when Apple stock was going for just nine bucks a share? But now apple stock value is already giving warning bells bcoz of its inconsistency .So if i have $2000 I will go pick a macbook pro other than buying an apple share at its all time high.
As a customer i m unhappy with the drastic fall in the resale value of apple products.

Jun 4, 2010

Last lecture by Randy Pausch

Prof. Randy Pausch passed away early in the morning on July 25, 2008, at his home in Virginia. He is survived by his wife, Jai, and his 3 children, Logan, Dylan and Chloe. You helped me in knowing the value of life . Rest in Peace Randy.

A very inspiring lecture by Prof. Randy Pausch of CMU, nearly 2 hrs long, but strongly recommended to watch through end:

(will redirect you to Google videos)

Jun 3, 2010

Emotional Commerce with a Perfect Tag..

Today when i am thinking about a name for my new e-commerce site. I was scanning some greek mythological words bcoz the client is from greece . I was stuck in a anomalous situation where even well known names sounded lousy to me . So i thought of writing my strange ideas in the form of a blogpost. Words are what differentiate us from every other species. Words are where the emotion and value is. The numbers are only achieved when the words that precede them are thoughtful. It’s the right (correct?) side of the brain that matters. And finally business is catching on. I am so excited that we are outsourcing the left side of our work to the power of Moores Law. Which means us humans can get back to the stuff that matters. Love, design and nurturing. We can leave the manufacturing and piece work to the machines and microchips. And instead we can innovate and humanize what we do to earn a living.

Welcome to the new world of title driven commerce and maintaining the right emotional bank account (trust levels) .

Link Prefetching with Firefox ..

You add a line like this to your page:
sry i cant use the link tag here , use link tag with the htmlpage ,image or anything as if u link a stylesheet.
Then the browser automatically downloads page2.html in a background process as soon as the user’s computer is idle. When the user finally clicks a link to page2.html, the browser serves it from the cache, and so it loads significantly faster.
Link prefetching is currently only supported by Firefox. But since Firefox is the second most popular web browser in the world, you can noticeably decrease load times for a significant chunk of your users just by adding one line of code to your HTML. Pretty cool, huh?
Here are some ways you could use link prefetching:
* Anytime you split content across multiple pages, as in large articles, online tutorials, image slideshows, etc.
* On your homepage to preload whatever page your users tend to click on next. (That could be the “features” page on a product site or your most recent entry on a blog.)
* On a search engine to prefetch the top result.
You can also use it for static content using the prefetch rel:
A couple other interesting points:
* Link prefetching will probably pop up in Opera, Chrome and Safari soon, and in Internet Explorer sometime around 2020.
* If this becomes popular it has the potential to skew logs and stats. Consider what happens when a bunch of prefetch requests are made to one of your pages, but the user never actually visits the page. The server (or stats package) doesn’t know the difference.
To clear this up, Firefox sends along an HTTP header, X-moz: prefetch, but you need some logic on the server side to detect it.
To learn more about link prefetching and see other examples, see the article about it on Mozilla’s site:https://developer.mozilla.org/en/link_prefetching_faq