Dec 30, 2010

HADOPI law knocked off

September last year saw the passing of France’s controversial three-strikes ‘Hadopi’ law which allows the music industry to track down repeated copyright infringers with the ultimate goal of decreasing the country’s piracy rate especially concentrating on peer to peer transfers(Torrents).
Under the new law alleged copyright infringers will be reported to a judge once they have received three warnings. The judge will then review the case and hand down any one of a range of penalties, from fines through to severing the Internet connection of the infringer.
Proponents of the new law claimed that the law would convince millions of people to stop downloading copyrighted content through file-sharing networks. Most critics, however, doubted the effectiveness of the system and pointed out that there are many ways to circumvent the law.
And now French Parliament took a decision to terminate this law after examining the recent reports which states that instead of reducing piracy levels, the piracy rate actually went up by 3%.
Hip Hip HURRAY :)