Mar 25, 2011

Team INDIA - awfulness to awesomeness

      24th March started quite normal..Started to office at normal time. I was busy with normal morning routine.. But all the time I constantly had butterflies in stomach, just exactly how it used to be before the 'History' exam in school..

     Being a follower of cricket, I vividly remember the match on 23rd March 2003.. And no Indian wanted history to repeat on 24th Mar 2011... Though the toss was not won by India, we had to bowl first..
 Once again, nervousness..
      Though Pointing scored a ton, the bowlers were able to control the score.. And for a change, there was some life in the fielding.. The first inning of the play was not so strenuous to watch though..
With 261 to chase, like million Indians, I had hopes that we would win.. (Hope is a good thing- shawshank redemption)

    I can not forget Virat Kohli's shot. Ian Chappell rightly called it a monumental stupidity. And i don't even want  to log in to Facebook right then because people take out all their anger over there.. And it annoys me when they start putting up stuff like 'Australia deserves to win..'
I never give up on a match too soon.. And even if we lose, I am not the one who starts cursing every possible player..

And then the rest is history..!! India has finally beaten Australia in world-cup..

What a game! And what a win!  For the first time in the 2011 ODI World Cup, Team India played like a potential world champion. A perfect team triumph, this is one of our finest ODI wins ever..pure awesomeness.

Now we face Pakistan in Mohali on March 30. The question is: Can we beat Pakistan? We have better batsmen; they have superior bowlers. It promises to be another mouth-watering clash.

I will be praying for an India victory. But I will also say: Best of luck, Pakistan.