Oct 6, 2010

IPhone vs Android

I just want to discuss the main reason why Android will overtake the iPhone in sales this year, according to an IDC forecast released Tuesday. IDC predicts that by year's end, Android will have a 16 percent market share worldwide, compared with the iPhone's 15 percent. Symbian will continue to lead with 40 percent, and the BlackBerry platform will hold on to second place with about an 18 percent share, IDC said. Steve jobs call for  "Go get an Android device if you want to watch porn," should not be a reason I guess. Let's dig into the reasons which prevent you from choosing iphone.  

1. You could never go back to not having my home screens exactly as I want them.
2. Safari only reflows text with double tap and I like to choose the font size of the text as my eyesight isn't great.
3. Safari does not have kinetic scrolling so you have to swipe ten times instead of a single finger flick.
And the list goes on and on...
And why I prefer android 
1. Android offers FULL multi-tasking, not some ripped up save state multi-tasking which isn't multi-tasking at all.
2. Android allows file transfer over Bluetooth - any file. iOS on any device does not and has not since the first device.
3. You don't need iTunes to move music/video to and from the device and...
4. Most important is that Android doesn't have a lying Chief Executive Officer.
The future is tough to predict, especially when it involves something as dynamic as technology. I may be wrong in my assumptions and in my high hopes for Android.