Oct 20, 2009

Don’t be football of others opinions..

Well I have been following it but not actively, from now on I will be following it more actively. There is a saying in hindhi “Suno sabki karo mann ki” (Listen to everyone but do it as per for your heart)

Well its very important, because if you start following whatever all your friends and family are suggesting to you, you will end up like football of Team Brazil and at the end you may hurt yourself. Also, this doesn’t mean that stop listening to your near and dear ones, do listen and listen carefully someone may come up with something good for you, but what is “Good” for you should be decided by you only. So for your sake … “Don’t be football of others opinions” … …

Another interesting angle to look at it …. you can take it to ignore this blog as I am asking for you “Don’t be football of others opinions” and by saying that I am also giving you one opinion… so its upto you to make a call, but do remember its you who should be deciding..

1 comment:

  1. i completely second to it..
    different people have different opinions about a single thing..so we need not match to their opinion..because it would only lead us into a muddle..what matters is..OUR OWN OPINION..
    i just believe in being confident about what i'm saying..doing..and even what i'm wearing..
    don't dance on other's tune..