Oct 30, 2009

'0' Hour Review - Technically foreign skeptically slow..

My friend (maverick movie director) took a short film (dur 8 min), So being a movie geek here is my view.

My mind is used to the telugu movie crap from which i cant come out, But after watching it thrice i thought this movie is for intellectuals , But who is intellectuals? Normally foreigners think Indian’s are intelligent, but being intelligent (who said???) i myself cant get into this crap...

Excellent music n editing made it awful to watch, But missing some masala elements n camera work made me nauseatic,

Credits crunch is for 2 min, which is 25 percent of the whole movie I give 6.5 out of 10, you can find some indian names in the final credits

Tailpiece: Do watch if you are good in technical knowledge.

Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PnML7pV2Syc

What You Like vs. What You Love

The first is a tricky one: Do I really know what my passions are? My response is yes, of course I know what I love. But I’ve found that when I actually try to define my passions, it becomes less clear, mostly due to the second question.

The second question is this: Do I know the difference between the things I like and things I love? Sure, I like to take all kinds of pictures. I’ve enjoyed photographing a wide variety of things — architectural interiors, school portraits, still life, landscapes, events and the list goes on. I like them all. But I’m not passionate about them all.

This is not about finding the kind of work that will make me happy.

I concluded that the answer is High Dynamic Range images ..dont worry abt morrons ...

Passion Restored ...

My Photography sucks now a days... No new ideas.. don’t want to carry the camera everywhere its looked like an extra luggage ..

But before it was so exciting for me to convert the colourful images to black and white, exciting to tweak the sliders to give them the look of an antique plate, Weekends busy waiting for sunrise and sunset,

n now i am back with a bang by looking into my friends flickr account , I am shocked n sulked by looking into his outstanding work , and how passion brings out the talent in U , At one point i feel myself as the best in HDR, but my eyes wide opened ((q) realised ??? (a) not yet), So it concludes that my passion for photography is not yet concluded..

Oct 20, 2009

Sense of humor...

It is a very sensitive topic as some people try very hard to show that they have a great sense of humor but most of them fails miserably. As it is not at all an easy task to make someone laugh on your joke. Good sense of humor is not very common. There are many levels ofgood humor and that helps people to develop their social circle. One can see it as a well known computer science problem of clustering.Same kinds of people cluster together to make a group.

Blog's Life

Got inspired by someone to bring back this blog to life. I believe I would be able to keep this blog up-to-date with all kinds of fun stuff. So do come back and check it out in future.
From now on, I would put my own thoughts and some times someone else inspiring thoughts here, worth publishing on this blog.

So what I have been doing so far? Well.....I was kinda busy with work and with life. Now, I feel I would be able to find some time for keeping this blog alive.
Till then ciao my friends...

Don’t be football of others opinions..

Well I have been following it but not actively, from now on I will be following it more actively. There is a saying in hindhi “Suno sabki karo mann ki” (Listen to everyone but do it as per for your heart)

Well its very important, because if you start following whatever all your friends and family are suggesting to you, you will end up like football of Team Brazil and at the end you may hurt yourself. Also, this doesn’t mean that stop listening to your near and dear ones, do listen and listen carefully someone may come up with something good for you, but what is “Good” for you should be decided by you only. So for your sake … “Don’t be football of others opinions” … …

Another interesting angle to look at it …. you can take it to ignore this blog as I am asking for you “Don’t be football of others opinions” and by saying that I am also giving you one opinion… so its upto you to make a call, but do remember its you who should be deciding..

Oct 16, 2009

This week ..

It was a busy week. Full of work but with interesting things as well. I met someone, but I'll talk about that awful moment later and I created a bit of an obsession, a healthy one I guess. But I'll explain in a while.