Dec 16, 2009

My Bucket List ..

Today I saw 'The Bucket List' movie ,Inspired and thought of writing my Own Bucket List

The List:

Sky dive
Learn to play Guitar
Be involved in a bar fight
bungee jump
Bike race with my CBZ star on neklace road
Steal a car
To be a Politician (bad kind)
To own an Audi TT
Go to my top three countries:
  1. Russia
  2. Canada
  3. Norway ( aurora )
Eat 5 chillies =)
Eat a full KFC Party Bucket
Break a Leg/Arm
Spend a night in jail (eventually)
Play a sport for my country(atleast for my state)
Get a six pack and ripped pecs
Climb mount everest
Run a marathon, or triathalon
Make my own website(not blog)
Shoot a gun(pump action short gun)
Shoot a bird (it aint personal, i just wanna try it =))
Fly a plane n Helicopter
To Direct a movie with my favorite hero
To participate in a TV9 debate
Write a book (preferably a series)
Be in a movie (however small the role)
Meet a liverool football player
Watch INDIA play:
  1. Football
  2. rugby
Eat some "special" brownies =)
Get a tatoo (OM)
punch a bear (again i am an animal lover, just want to say i did it =)
be in two places at once
To have a 12 feet teddy bear in my bed room/

Well thats all i can think of for now, if anything else pops into my head i will add it, if you have any suggestions i will add them to the lsit.


Dec 13, 2009

My Convocation Day .. Dec 4th

" Experiences can be good or bad but memories are always sweet"

Convocation- The culmination of a dream. Maybe the first real dream I had - To become a Computer Science Engineer from an International School . Seems just like yesterday that I was in my french class trying to spell "je suis etudiant", I am trying to get my code to work by any possible way.

But between that yesterday and this today, are the two years at ISEP Paris. The highlights of those 2 yrs would be - the terror of Culture shock in the 1st semester, publishing my journal in 'IEEE Jan 2009' on Linear Discrete Computing, and the pressures of getting an internship in the last Semester .

These highlights were punctuated by seemingly never ending tests & Assignments. As I have quoted before "
Experiences can be bitter but memories are always sweet"

After receiving the degree and coming back to Room , I didnt feel the same elation that should come with the completion of the dream. Maybe this was one of those destinations where the journey was more exhilarating than the destination itself. In any case, I have to start looking for new objectives, new dreams. For too long, being a graduate was the only thing on the horizon. Convocation was the symbol to get over it and start moving ahead.

Alrite, enuff of the senti, philosophical stuff.

Dec 10, 2009

Telangana- An Idiotic Idea...

Its very unfortunate that the centre has actually agreed to the formation of a separate Telengana state succumbing to a political stunt by Mr. KSR and bunch of morrons . Agreed that there are issues related to development but those issues are everywhere and just by forming new states all the development issues are not going to get sorted out overnight unless there are sincere bodoland efforts from the leadership and the people living in those states. By agreeing to the demand of separate Telengana state, the centre has paved way for other regions to follow suit. There is already a demand for formation of new states like vidharbha,..etc. and this separate Telengana state will set a bad example for people who are in forefront of such movements . We can understand the division of former states like UP and MP considering the administrative hassles in running them due to their vastness but why do we need to split apart other states when we are a nation envisaging secularity, solidarity and unity. Its high time that the govt. try and initiate some good policies for the development of backwards states if it wants such movements not to flourish. That will also, in a way, sort out the naxalism issue.

Telangana has been littered with failed fads and foolish ideas for the past Fifty years..

Dec 2, 2009

Why do I blog ???

Yeah, this is one question asked by many people, on which I decided to post a blog finally. I've thought about it many times and got some answers:

Top 5 reasons
  • To kill time at office when I'm jobless
  • To help others in doing the same
  • To confuse the general public
  • To channellize the emotions into a relatively harmless sink
  • To catch memorable(?) moments in the form of words

Other reasons..

  • To improve my writing skills
  • To know myself better
  • To help my friends to know me better
  • To know the world better
  • To write about things which are of no practical interest to anyone
So Please drop ur suggestions in the trash .. bcoz i m not going to change..