Apr 10, 2011

Engineering Experiences - Part 1

The day I entered my Engineering College, I expected to meet the geeks, people who were born genius, people who became genius with time, and people like me, who struggled to find a place with the geniuses by luck. When people were admiring the campus, on the first day, I was busy observing people, finding a friend in them, with whom I can share the moment of sorrow when I get poor grades, and share the moment of happiness when I pass a course. I entered Engineering with a fear of mere survival between the others.

The first few people I met changed my opinion entirely. They made me fearless, actually careless of the JNTU grading system. And they became my friends forever. The strangest thing in campus was that every new people you met became your close friend. It was as if we had started new civilization we all became part of, and every year many new faces were added to it.
8 years back, I was a different person, shy and serious. I was hoping to find people of my type. But then I met Satish, Srinu, Revanth, Anil, Gopi, Doondee, Gowtham, Sudheer, Rakesh, Kranthi, Anwar, Kiran and Lal. They were all very different from what I was but they made life full of fun and laughter.
Even today when I remember the night when we discussed about the C party and how to tackle principal AppaRao , a smile appears instantaneously. The night when my father was called to the college to discuss about my attendance. The day when we bunked the college and went to ATHADU movie . The list of incidents is endless.
And now we were scattered to different corners of the world. But, thanks to those good moments, most of us became good friends, and still are in touch. And so, the size of our civilization kept increasing, now if I look back, I see a change in me, I am much happier, satisfied with life then I was before, I have learned a lot, about things I never really expected Engineering is supposed to teach, about smiling at worst circumstances, about laughing at yourself just to give smiles to people you love.
I live hoping to keep meeting people like them, because they are the reason that I am smiling today.

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